The Xbox 360 power supply is required to provide your console with electricity so it can play games and movies. However, just like the console itself, an Xbox 360 power supply can become damaged over time due to typical wear or abuse. Testing an Xbox 360 power supply to make sure it’s functioning properly is easy, requiring only a few minutes to set up.


  1. Check the Xbox 360 power supply for any physical wear or damage. A damaged power supply with torn or fraying wires should not be used and must be replaced.
  2. Connect the power brick portion of the power supply to a working Xbox 360 console.
  3. Connect the AC power plug into the power brick portion of the power supply firmly.
  4. Plug the AC power plug into a functioning three-prong electrical outlet or surge protector, making sure the surge protector is switched on.
  5. Take note of the color of the small light on the power brick portion of the power supply. Green means the power supply is working correctly. Orange means the console is off or that the power supply is improperly connected to the console. Red signifies a voltage overload or overheating. No light means the power supply isn’t getting any power. A working power supply appears orange when the console is off and green when it is on.
  6. Press the power button on the Xbox 360 to turn on the console. The power supply light should change from orange to green if the power supply is functioning properly.


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